Why Window Blinds

Blinds offer a simple and stylish way to softly filter the light from any room, whilst offering good levels of privacy and protection from the sun.

Windows form the shell of a room along with the floors, walls and ceilings. They can be treated simply to blend unobtrusively into the background, or they can be decorating opportunity for setting the room's mood and style. Whether you treat windows as a background element or as a focal point, always remember that the purpose of a window is to provide light and air.

Window Blinds, venetian, roller, vertical, wooden,velux,roman

Window Blinds,Venetian,Roller,Vertical,Wooden,Roman,Velux

Before you consider the wide range of design possibilities, it is best to analyse the function aspects of the window treatment.

Most offices and homes now have computers, plasmas or LCD screens, when using these in a light environment it can cause glare on the screen. Putting blinds at the window is the perfect solution to restrict the light that causes the glare and subsequent eye strain.

Strong glare from the windows, combined with low light levels from the VDU can make the screen difficult to read. Installing quality window blinds will restrict sunlight and eliminate glare.  

Selecting the right window blind for your premises has never been so important in creating a pleasant working or living environment.

EEC Health and Safety Directive 90/270

This directive lays down the minimum requirements for work VDU's. Employers who do not comply with this directive face the same penalties as those who do not comply with other health and safety directives.

Offices are also required by law to have fireproof blinds.

Ultrafresh* treated fabrics

MRSA is currently a major concern to every healthcare organisation in the country. MRSA is a high profile 'superbug' that has gained some notoriety through the national press and is a major cause for concern in hospitals where the sick and elderly are vulnerable to infection.

More information on Ultrafresh

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